Vancouver Lake Sailing Club

VLSC Membership Application
1st Name: Last Name Occupation: Work Phone: Birthdate
Address: Email:
City: Home Phone:
State: Zip:
Children (22 years and under):
Name: Age: Name: Age:
Name: Age: Name: Age:
Boat Information
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Sail #: Marine Registration:
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Initiation Fees & Dues Schedule
Active Member Active Pro-rated Dues
Annual Dues: 300.00 Dues on/after 8/1: 220.00
Initiation Fee: 220.00 Dues on/after 11/1: 160.00
Senior (over 65) Senior Pro-rated Dues
Annual Dues: 200.00 Dues on/after 8/1: 150.00
Initiation Fee: 150.00 Dues on/after 11/1: 125.00
Associate Member Pro-rated Dues
Annual Dues: 150.00 Dues on/after 8/1: 100.00
Initiation Fee: 90.00 Dues on/after 11/1: 75.00
Annual Boat Storage Fees
Small: 225.00
Medium: 250.00
Large: 300.00
X-large: 350.00
Type of Membership Requested
Active   Senior   Associate
Initiation Fee
Annual Dues
Pro-rated Dues
Boat Storage:
None 0.00
Small 225.00
Medium 250.00
Large 300.00
X-large 350.00

Total Enclosed $:
Print, sign, and return to:
Membership Chair - VLSC
PO Box 1146 - Vancouver, WA 98666

email to
The club requires 10 work hours per active/senior membership per calendar year, which, if not performed, adds an additional $50.00 for each work hour not done the prior year. Associate memberships are required to perform 5 work hours per year. The club also requires two days race committee assignments per active membership, which, if not performed, adds an additional $50.00 per missed assignment. Yearly Membership is from January 1 to December 31. New members joining during the year (July 1st-Dec 31st) may be eligible to pay pro-rated membership dues, with work hours prorated to five hours, and the race committee assignment reduced to one. Members joining after October 1st are exempt from work hours and race committee assignments. Initiation fees and storage fees are not prorated.
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