Vancouver Lake Sailing Club
promoting sailing and racing of one-design centerboard boats since 1967

VLSC Race Committee Flags
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Postponement - Races not started are postponed. [AP flag]
Preparatory signal - Raised one minute after the Warning signal. [P flag]
Individual recall - Accompanied by an additional sound signal. Displayed until the earliest of the following: all boats over the line have returned correctly, 4 minutes from the start or until one minute before the next start. [X flag]
General recall - Accompanied by two additional sound signals. Signalled when there are unidentified boats over the line or subject to one of the starting penalties, or there has been an error in the starting procedure. The new warning signal for the recalled class will be made 1 minute after the 1st substitute is removed. [1st Substitute flag]
Round-the-Ends Rule(30) will be in effect - A boat over the line during the minute before the start must sail to the pre-start side of the line around either end before starting. [I flag]
Life Jackets Required. [Y flag]
Come Within Hail - When displayed afloat means: Come within hail or follow this boat. When displayed ashore means: A notice to competitors has been posted. [L flag]
Change of course - When displayed at a rounding mark, the position of the next mark has been changed. [C flag]
Missing mark replaced - The object displaying this signal replaces a missing mark. [M flag]
Shortened Course - The course has been shortened; Finish at the next mark, or the Finish line, which ever is closer. [S flag]
All races are abandoned - Accompanied by three sound signals. [N flag]

1 - Fleet #1. [1 flag]
2 - Fleet #2. [2 flag]
3 - Fleet #3. [3 flag]
4 - Fleet #4. [4 flag]
5 - Fleet #5. [5 flag]
6 - Fleet #6. [6 flag]
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