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Team Racing
team racing at VLSC
In Team Racing there are only two opponents, as in match racing, but each team sails three boats instead of just one. Its low point scoring, so a winning combination is 10 points or less. Like 3-on-3 basketball, its not how one individual performs, but whether the team can work together to create a winning combination.

In fleet racing a general strategy for success is to go fast, go the right direction, and stay away from others. In team racing this would be a losing strategy more often than not. The best strategies in team racing often include slowing down, or even going backwards, usually to slow an opponent so your teammate can pass them. The races are usually sailed on short courses with lots of mark roundings and lead changes, making it far more interesting to watch than either match racing or fleet racing.

Team Racing Concepts and Tactics:
US Sailing - Team Racing Concept
US Sailing - Team Racing Tactics and Strategy
Team Racing Tactics summary
Animated manual on Team Racing Tactics and Stategies
Team Racing from start to finish

Team Racing Rules and Setup:
Appendix D - Team Racing - ISAF The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012(.pdf)
ISAF - The Call Book for Team Racing - updated Nov 2009(.pdf)
Team Racing round-robin fleet rotations matrix
ISAF - The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 - w/2010 updates(.pdf)
What is 3-minute Justice in Team Racing?...

PDX Team Racing Invitational Championship Series
The greater Portland/Vancouver area's top racing fleets and clubs gather at this annual event for some intense round-robin team racing.

2006 results and photos...

2003 results and photos...

these files are in .pdf format... Notice Of Race (NOR 2006)
Sailing Instructions (SI 2006)
Liability Waiver (LW 2006)

PDX Team Racing Boat Repair Fund
Beginning balance as of 11/18/2006: -$150.00
2006 Championship fees: $300.00    
2003 repairs paid: -$150.00    
Current balance as of 11/19/2006: $150.00


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